Zurich Airport is equipped with new explosive trace detectors

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L’Zurich Swiss airport ordered 60 explosives and narcotics trace detectors Bruker DE-tector Flex to reinforce the measures of platform security.

Installations of the new detectors are planned over a 24-month period in 2024 and 2025. Bruker’s next-generation, high-performance DE-tector Flex systems are intended to replace older explosive trace detectors (ETDs) at the Zurich airport. They will improve passenger screening at Switzerland’s busiest airport.

The DE-tector Flex from the American company Bruker is a next-generation transportable explosives and narcotics trace detector that meets the requirements of two important airport security applications. By wiping surfaces with multi-use disposable swabs and inserting them into the DE-tector Flex, traces of two classes of explosive substances and narcotics can be automatically identified within seconds.

The new system is certified by the ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) and uses a non-radioactive ionization source.

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