Yoga aboard a Star Clippers four-master

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This summer again, the three majestic sailboats of Star Clippers will sail through the azure waters of the Mediterranean in search of the most beautiful islands, beaches and villages. Propelled by the Mediterranean breezes, these legendary human-sized sailboats invite you to slow down, get out of the infernal rhythm of everyday life and, above all, to reconnect to yourself.

Yoga sessions

The cruise company enhances its program by organizing a few yoga sessions during several cruises aboard the four-master Star Clipper, in perfect harmony with the environment.

On the deck, still a little glistening from the morning dew, guests who wish can start the day with a morning yoga session while the sailboat cuts through the water, all sails deployed. The rising sun, the light breeze, the invigorating sea air, the first heat… all this feels good. A yoga session, outdoors, on the aft deck, with a breathtaking view of the sea. What a rejuvenating start to the day!

A yoga teacher on board

The yoga teacher ensures that the yoga sessions fit perfectly into the daily schedule of the cruise.

Yoga sessions are taught by professional instructors. Participation is optional and free. Only a handful of passengers take part, so the group size is pleasing. Yoga mats are provided.

Initiated in yoga or beginner? Yoga cruises are for everyone, on various departure dates in the Western Mediterranean, from late April to October. Yoga classes bring an additional experience to these authentic cruises.

Yoga cruises take place aboard the STAR CLIPPER on the following dates:

  • 06/05: Barcelona / Cannes (Balearic Islands, Corsica, Monaco / 8 nights)
  • 13/05: Cannes / Rome (Corsica, Elbe, Monaco)
  • 05/27 and 07/08: Rome / Cannes (Corsica, Sardinia & French Riviera)
  • 07/15 and 07/29: Cannes / Cannes (Corsica & French Riviera)
  • 07/10: Rome / Rome (Amalfi & Sicily)
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