WTM London: the 2023 vintage will have 3 thematic areas to attract young travelers

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The World Travel Market London 2023 show, scheduled for November 6 to 8, will be divided into three thematic areas: “Accommodation & Wholesalers”, “Experiences” and “Transport”. These new spaces will replace the old international hub and will mainly welcome exhibitors from the private sector and “outside destinations”.

This presentation by thematic areas was introduced following an in-depth study carried out by the WTM in early 2023, which highlighted the changing habits of young travelers. Indeed, Millennials and Gen Z are increasingly orienting their travel choices based on the experience to be had there or on their “wishlist”, rather than simply on a city, a country or a region that they wish to visit.

This year will see an increase in the number of out-of-destination exhibitors reflecting the changing needs of young travelers, who are making travel choices based on what they want to do and experience. The new exhibition spaces therefore adapt to this cultural change.

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