Would booking a plane ticket be more stressful than going to your dentist?

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A new study from Expedia shows that booking a plane ticket causes stress for 55% of Americans, who find it more difficult than filing their taxes or seeing the dentist.

Who hasn’t asked themselves the question if the price paid was a good deal or a bad one?

The online agency Expedia would like to reduce this stress

To help break the cycle of stress, Expedia has released its 2024 Best Times to Book Airline report. The tips represent data-backed strategies for saving money and reducing stress.

Day and time to book

The ideal time to book

According to the study, the domestic plane ticket must be booked 28 days before departure. Travelers would have saved up to 24% compared to those who booked at the last minute, exceeding the 10% savings made on average by travelers in 2022. In Europe, prices appear to vary little between 28 days and day of departure on regular airlines. On the other hand, the prices of low-cost airlines generally offer good offers more than a month before departure… with the exception of bridges.

International airline tickets should be booked approximately 60 days before departure (no more than four months) for optimal availability and savings (around 10% on average). Last year, the best time was closer to six months. This information is surely identical in Europe, outside peak periods!

Sunday bargains

Sunday would remain the cheapest day of the week to book flights, while Friday is the most expensive day. On average, travelers saved up to 13%.

Fly before 3:00 p.m. to minimize the impact of delays and cancellations. Flights departing after 3:00 p.m. are statistically 50% more likely to be canceled than earlier flights.

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Expedia Price Drop Protection

More than a quarter (28%) of U.S. travelers check ticket prices even after booking, but this new product offers a refund if the ticket price drops on Expedia after booking.

The analysis also found that average ticket prices remain almost stable compared to last year. Flight cancellation rates have improved (1.7% of flights compared to 4.1% in 2023). The study reportedly shows positive trends for travelers who cited a good deal (61%). Others, less fortunate, considered it a source of stress.

Expedia Air Travel Hacks

Expedia’s annual Air Travel Hacks report is powered by analysis of billions of data points and the world’s most comprehensive airline ticket database, thanks to collaboration with Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and OAG.

Chuck Thackston, ARC’s managing director of data research, said

“Airlines are increasing capacity and services to meet the sustained demand for air travel we have seen throughout 2023.” “

“Air travel has demonstrated resilience in recent years, with travelers increasingly taking to the skies for business and leisure. Fortunately for these travelers, airfare costs have remained below 2022 levels for most of the year.

Editor’s note

We can say that in Europe, unfortunately, the price of plane tickets has increased. It’s a certainty. We must hope that competition is more intense in order to obtain better prices.

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