Wizz Air approves EU legislation on the use of SAF

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Wizz Airwhich announces itself as “the fastest growing and most environmentally friendly European airline in the world”, supports the regulation ReFuelEU Aviationrecently adopted by the European Parliament.

“As the leading European airline in terms of reducing emissions intensity, Wizz Air has supported the ReFuelEU Aviation Regulation proposal since its inception”explains Yvonne Moynihan, corporate and ESG manager at Wizz Air. “The European Union is the lead body on global climate policy and the ReFuel EU legislation establishes binding minimum shares of SAF to be mixed with conventional aviation fuel. Adopting these mandates will increase the supply of SAF, which is essential to improving the availability and cost of SAF. Wizz Air has started to prepare for the upcoming EU mandates by partnering with SAF producers and making our first equity investments in SAF research and development. We view industry collaboration on the development of alternative fuels as one of the most effective ways to address today’s climate challenge and we remain committed to reducing our carbon intensity by 25% by 2030. It is essential that national governments are now considering incentives to enable production to ramp up. »

Wizz Air established its strategy SAF, which includes entering into purchasing agreements with suppliers for the future and has already signed agreements with Mabanaft/P2X Europe, OMV, Neste and Cepsa. In 2023, Wizz Air also made its first equity investment of £5 million in a UK company. biofuelsFirefly, and participated in a $50 million investment in CleanJoule, a US biofuels start-up, to further boost research and development of SAF.

In FY2023, Wizz Air achieved a carbon emissions intensity of 53.8 grams per passenger/km, a decrease of 11% compared to the previous fiscal year’s performance. This is according to the low cost “the lowest result ever recorded by Wizz Air for a fiscal year and the lowest performance” among the main competing airlines.

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