Winter sun in Belize: wellness break in Central America

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As summer seems to slowly fade away and our busy lives take over, why not think about planning a break away from the crowds, for a rejuvenating and disconnected trip? Belize, a true gem of Central America, invites gentle discovery this winter: zoom in on a selection of quiet activities to get together and stock up on energy for the winter.

Take the time to watch the birds
With October marked by the third edition of the Belize Bird Festival, the country is a true paradise for bird watching. An activity long popular with the Anglo-Saxons, it is attracting more and more French people. With more than 500 species recorded in the country, Belize is ideal for those who want to take the time to observe birds, especially in the Crooked Tree Nature Park and on the country’s shores. Early in the morning, most hotels and resorts in the country offer a bird watching outing, and provide travelers with binoculars and other equipment to spot toucans and other hummingbirds. The Travel Belize site lists the best spots for birdwatching with an interactive map here.

Well-being break at the spa: discover cocoa treatments “made in Belize”
In Belize, cocoa cultivation is very marked in the western (San Ignacio) and southern (Punta Gorda) regions. Several spas in hotels and lodges in these regions are inspired by it. At the San Ignacio Resort, we offer a chocolate body wrap, a gentle treatment that promises to reduce stress and cellulite! In this same region, at the Chaa Creek resort, it’s a pedicure that’s in question, with a specific treatment based on… chocolate mousse! Further south in Placencia, the Naia Resort offers a whole range of treatments (scrub, massage, etc.) using cocoa made in Belize!

Taste the tranquility of a stay on an island, with your feet in the sand
They are called Cayo Espanto, Turneffe Resort or Pelican Beach Resort, all have one thing in common: the promise of the tranquility of an island. Whether you are a diver or not, these hotels – generally small structures – offer an exceptional stay experience, to the rhythm of the Belize coral reef, the second largest in the world. Here the activities have nothing to envy of those on the continent: diving, snorkeling, yoga, bird watching, fishing, barbecue on the beach or just reading in a hammock, ideal for recharging the batteries before returning to winter in France !

Awaken your taste buds: savor Belizean cuisine
If Belize is sometimes nicknamed “the babel of the Caribbean” this explains the multiple influences that make up the country’s cuisine. Sometimes of Mayan origin, sometimes from the Garifuna culture or even inherited from the mestizo culture, the culinary specialties of Belize form a multicultural, spicy and colorful plate. Each region has its own specificities: on the islands we happily eat seafood, fresh fish and lobster. Latin America obliges, rice and beans are very often on the menu of restaurants! For dessert, here we eat cakes like coconut tart and exotic fruits are also of course part of this gustatory and epicurean journey. As for products made in Belize, at the top of the podium: Marie Sharp sauces, which spice up the lives of Belizeans every day. Then chocolate, rum or the country’s national beer, Belikin!

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