Why were 150 seniors deprived of a cruise?

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The daily La Voix du Nord published a very sad story. Nearly 150 elderly people from Lille were unable to board a Costa cruise. The organizer would not have finalized the payment to the travel agency based in Nice.

A cruise scheduled for September 30

We can understand the disappointment of passengers who were unable to enjoy a cruise in the Mediterranean even though they had paid the organizer. According to La Voix du Nord, the organizer of the event, a 69-year-old man who created his company nine months ago, made the 148 reservations. However, he allegedly did not clear the payment for the cruise. Several checks were reportedly bounced by the organizer’s bank.

The organizer mentions a management and cash flow problem

In an email sent on September 29 to certain customers, the organizer mentioned a “purely management and cash flow situation” of his company. He also says he is seeking, with his lawyer, “an honorable exit” from this dispute. “But I didn’t go with the money to the Balearic Islands, I didn’t rob people. I can still be reached. » The organizer says he has already paid €95,000 to the travel agency. Of the €66,000 remaining to be paid, he would have reached an agreement to spread the payment starting with a first payment of €25,000.

Easy to blame the travel agency

“But the travel agency took the registrants hostage by sending them emails in all directions, it made a mess,” he rages, “because it had paid the cruise line in full. » Moreover, according to him, 43 people were able to return to Marseille on their own and board. There would therefore be a hundred left to whom he promises to reimburse the share not paid to the travel agency. With the help of his lawyer, he says he wants to file a complaint against her.

Moral of the story: only trust an agency with a license and professional insurance

It must be emphasized that paying amounts to an unauthorized organizer means taking the risk of never seeing the paid agent again.

A travel agency has contractual obligations and must be insured in the event of bankruptcies. You will find complete information HERE

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