Which countries do you think have the most islands in the world?

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To the somewhat bizarre question of which country in the world has the most islands, many automatically come to mind, such as Indonesia, or Greece? If you got it right immediately, congratulations. We found several Top 10 countries but forgot the top three…

In the first row is the…

With 267,570 islands and islets, although mostly uninhabited comes Sweden. Next comes neighboring Norway, with 239,057 inhabitants, including the famous Lofoten Islands. Finland comes third with 178,947 islands.

All the islands of the Scandinavian countries are largely in the Arctic. These islands do not have a tourist attraction Yet they are absolutely charming and peaceful.

In fourth place is Canada, across the Atlantic, with 52,455 islands in the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic oceans, making Canada the country with the longest coastline in the world.

The United States completes the top five, with 18,617 islands, including well-known places such as the Hawaiian archipelago and islands in the District of Columbia. These islands include Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

The rest of the Top 15:

6. Indonesia – 17,504

7. Australia – 8,222

8. Philippines – 7,641

9. Japan – 6,852

10. Chile – 5,000

11. China – 5,000

12. South Korea – 4,400

13. Cuba – 4,195

14. Vietnam – 4,000

15. North Korea – 3,579

Greece is in 16th place with 3,054 islands.

Much lower, in 24th place is the exotic Maldives with 1,196 islands

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