What is the most expensive city in Europe?

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The German Automobile Club (ADAC) carried out price comparisons in several cities in Europe. It seems that prices in Barcelona are excessive, but there are still so many visitors. So which one? The full result can be seen HERE

It seems clear that the most expensive city is Zurich

A cappuccino, an ice cream or a city tour: vacationers in Zurich pay much more than in other major European cities. This is demonstrated by a comparison of additional costs in 15 metropolises. Thus, 20 products and activities selected in the largest city in Switzerland cost on average 227.84 euros.

Zurich is therefore more than 37% more expensive than the average of all cities examined, which is on average 179.03 euros for the basket. A concrete example: while vacationers pay on average 27.67 euros for a burger in Zurich, it only costs 10.87 euros in Lisbon.

Lisbon, Prague, Vienna and Berlin would have reasonable prices

With 131.63 euros for the entire basket, the Portuguese capital was the cheapest metropolis in the test. Prague, Berlin and Vienna also impress in this sample with relatively low costs. A beer in Prague costs on average only 2.03 euros and an ice cream in Vienna costs on average 1.88 euros.

Barcelona: relatively high prices

In comparison, Barcelona performed particularly well when it came to the cost of catering. However, according to ADAC, tourist attractions in the Spanish metropolis are extremely expensive in terms of price.

Holidaymakers also have to dig deep into their pockets in London and Oslo. In the Norwegian capital, an ice cream costs on average 4.76 euros. Holidaymakers pay on average 14.04 euros for an umbrella in London.

When it comes to additional vacation costs, Amsterdam, Dublin and Stockholm are about average.

And Paris?

There is little information about Paris and it concerns the price of a beer. The price of beer in Prague is two euros, while in Paris the price is often at least four times higher.

For the ADAC price comparison, test buyers in the 15 selected cities collected 87 product prices and ten activity prices. A total of 1,455 prices were included in the comparison.

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