West Hollywood continues to capture the hearts of French visitors

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Located at the foot of the Hollywood Hills and neighboring the very chic Beverly Hills, West Hollywood is a modern, even avant-garde city where the LA lifestyle reigns. And at a time when the Oscars ceremony is approaching in Hollywood, it is France that is rewarded in the ranking of international visitors. Focus on the tourist attendance of French travelers in the trendiest and most legendary city of Los Angeles in 2022.
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Year of resumption of international tourism, 2022 marked a turning point in our industry and proved to be a challenge for all tourism stakeholders in the world. Tom Kiely, CEO and Chairman of West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board, said, “We are proud to report that West Hollywood experienced a significant rebound in tourism in 2022. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the vibrancy, scene culture and diversity of the city continue to attract visitors from around the world. While hotel occupancy rates at the end of the year are still lower than those of 2019, the average daily rate has increased by 37% compared to 2019.

France in the TOP 5 of the world ranking

France is pleased with its fourth position in the ranking of international tourist markets in West Hollywood in 2022. French travelers represented 7.2% of all international visitors, just behind Canada (15.3%), the Kingdom United (11.2%) and Australia (8%). A remarkable post-pandemic performance that can be explained by various factors.

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The timeless success of the Sunset Strip

Iconic artery of Sunset Boulevard, the Sunset Strip district of West Hollywood known since the golden age of Hollywood cinema for its concert halls, its nightlife and its exceptional hotels. Despite a challenging recovery context, the recent opening of new hotels such as the Edition Hotel and the Pendry Hotel in April 2022 have largely contributed to the increase in these results.

More responsible travel

Several travel trends have emerged, particularly those related to current environmental concerns. The growing evolution of eco-tourism in West Hollywood is characterized by the proliferation of outdoor terraces, an increase in the frequency of outdoor activities, such as walking and biking, and a proliferation of eco-friendly establishments. -certified, like the 1 Hotel, a reference in the sustainable luxury hotel industry.

Ideal destination for solo and slow-trip

In 2022, the number of solo and small group travelers to West Hollywood has increased significantly. Many visitors want to explore the city like locals, at their own pace, and discover new experiences. This confirms the growing demand for luxury hotels, especially for reservations of stays in hotel suites, and for boutique hotels that offer more personalized experiences. When it comes to high-end travel, expectations are higher, and above all more diversified. Some of the more traditional elements of a luxury stay are being phased out in favor of a more relaxed, informal and inclusive approach, better suited to millennials. This is precisely what visitors to West Hollywood, known to be a city on a human scale, free and a pioneer of the latest trends in luxury (design, fashion and well-being). With the expected arrival of several new hotels and restaurants in 2023, the concept of “new luxury” will continue to grow and attract French travelers seeking out-of-this-world experiences in Southern California’s coolest city. .
This year again, West Hollywood has not finished shining and making people talk about it!

For more information on the destination: https://www.visitwesthollywood.com/
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