We will soon be able to pay by WhatsApp; first tests in India

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The new challenge for Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook who also has the instant messaging application WhatsApp in his portfolio, is in India. From the coming days it will be possible to purchase products and services and make digital payments through Whatsapp Business, the channel dedicated to businesses that have a potential user base of more than 400 million people.

You can therefore pay directly via chat with a bank card or with the specific payment system Whatsapp Pay or via the UPI electronic payment system which operates in India.

This is the first concrete response from the new owner of WhatsApp in the process of implementing services announced by Zuckerberg himself, but the details of which were not yet known. Today, with this announcement, a new era opens for this tool which from a simple instant messaging channel is transformed into a real e-commerce channel, like WeChat, the application used by millions of Chinese not only to speak but also to buy products.


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