Want a royal pizza? Direction Balmoral, in Scotland, to the castle of Charles III

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In mid-October, King Charles III of England dabbled in fast food by opening a pizzeria at Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Contrary to expectations, the menu prices are reasonable and in line with those of British restaurants, making its pizzas accessible to visitors from all over the world eager to savor the royal touch of the menu.

The king, known for his sophisticated culinary tastes, has chosen exclusive versions of the famous Italian dish which are on sale at Mews Cafe of the castle with, on the menu, a King’s Garden vegetarian pizza for £14 and a Balmoral for £15 topped with chicken, bacon and haggis see our article.

There is no shortage of more classic pizzas, from the Margherita to the Pepperoni with the addition of spicy salami but among the choices the King’s Garden stands out which quickly won the hearts of customers, made exclusively with vegetables grown in the castle garden , personally selected and approved by the king.

Visitors can enjoy the pizzas either inside the cafe – surrounded by photos of the royal family – or on the picnic benches outside.

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