Waiting times at borders: the September barometer from Aéroports de Paris

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There Border Police Department and the ADP Group (Paris Airports) have joined forces to draw up a monthly barometer of waiting times what the international passengers at the various border checkpoints in airports Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly.

At Paris-Charles de Gaulle, out of 4 million passengers on international flights arriving in September 2023, 86.5% waited less than 10 minutes, 98.7% less than 30 minutes and 99.8% less than 45 minutes. At Paris-Orly, of nearly 1.2 million passengers on international flights, 92.1% waited less than 10 minutes, 99.8% less than 30 minutes and 100% less than 45 minutes.

During the Rugby World Cup, the Border Police at Paris airports were able to count on reinforcements: every day, 70 additional student police officers were mobilized at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and 30 at Paris-Orly, with the aim of optimal arming of checkpoints.

Paris airports were also able to benefit during the month of September from Frontex reinforcements – the European agency whose mission is to help EU member states and countries associated with the Schengen area to protect the external borders of the area of ​​free movement – ​​with the deployment of 45 border guards at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and a dozen at Paris-Orly.

At the same time, training and skills development for already integrated recruits continues, particularly on document fraud, and long-term recruitment continues.

For the record, the maximum waiting times at the Border Police at airports, set by the Prime Minister during the interministerial tourism council of July 26, 2017, are 30 minutes for European nationals and 45 minutes for non-Europeans. . Since 2019, Groupe ADP has deployed tools for monitoring and managing passenger flows and waiting times. Sensors allowing in particular to count the number of passengers in real time in a queue have been deployed to equip the border crossing and security control areas of Paris airports.

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