Vueling, our testimony: last-minute cancellation and no compensation!

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Surely this story has already happened to you? An airline that cancels a flight while you wait quietly in the departure lounge. In general, the staff will inform you about an upcoming flight.

In my case, the Vueling boarding staff at Orly had disappeared. If Wizz Air is designated as “the worst short-haul airline”, Vueling should come close…To be precise my flight was VY 8600 on June 19 scheduled from Orly to Genoa. The Volotea flight which left 15 minutes later for the same destination did indeed board its passengers!

For transport proposals, fuck off

Some passengers try to obtain information without really obtaining satisfaction. You are only told to collect your suitcase and go home.

Vueling is low-cost in every sense of the word.

We call on an air reimbursement “specialist”

We take Flightright to get reimbursed. Everything happens on the website of this German company. We have a little hope of obtaining reimbursement for the flight, return taxis and the usual compensation.

It should be noted that a Volotea flight left 10 minutes after the Vueling flight and that the passengers boarded without problem.

4 months later, the dry message from Flightright… your file has been closed! file FR3429421

“We thank you for having mandated Flightright to claim on your behalf the compensation provided for by European Regulation CE n°261/2004. However, after a detailed examination of your case, it appears that your flight could not be carried out as planned due to the instructions given by the air traffic control service due to bad weather conditions at Orly airport. . These events constitute extraordinary circumstances which exempt airlines from their obligation to compensate passengers”.

Our analysis allowed us to note that many other flights had also been affected since the air traffic control service had been forced to restrict the number of takeoffs and landings, in order to ensure the flow of traffic. As airlines must follow the instructions given by this service, they cannot be held responsible for any difficulties caused by this.

What is an extraordinary circumstance?

This is an unforeseeable, irresistible event unrelated to the normal exercise of the air carrier’s activity, which, despite all reasonable measures that the airline could have taken, could not have been avoided (cf. CJEU September 17, 2015, Corina van der Lans v. Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij NV, case C‑257/14).

Therefore, in our opinion, the chances of success are too low to consider taking the airline to court and we regret to inform you that we will close your case. However, if you wish, you can continue the process yourself or hire a lawyer. If so, we wish you success and regret that we were unable to further assist you in obtaining compensation.

Please note, however, that, unlike a lawyer, you will not have been charged for any steps taken by us to date to try to assert your rights as an air passenger.”

Morality: Flightright has found an unstoppable argument to close a file without the possibility of contesting or arguing.

There remains the possibility of being reimbursed directly by Vueling

I have just completed these formalities on the Vueling website. I will wait for the response from this airline.

To complete, this is a second flight cancellation (at the last minute). It is almost certain that we will not book with Vueling again.

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