Violent: freak out on boarding and severe turbulence (videos)

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An airline passenger low cost Volaris partially destroyed check-in counters in Mexico Citywhile a steward and a passengerAir China were injured in turbulence as their plane arrived at beijing.

A passenger was taken into custody at the airport in Mexico-Benito Juarez after destroying the equipment at the check-in counters for several minutes. María Guadalupe, 56, lost her temper after the flight reservation she made through a travel agent did not appear in the system of Volaris. Several computer screens, a barcode reader and other equipment fell victim to his fury, under the watchful eye of ground agents too busy filming the scene to intervene.

The passenger had asked for a refund of her ticket, the employee of the low cost telling her to contact her agency. ” Don’t give me my money back, I don’t care, but it’s gonna cost you. you will pay it she screams in the video. According to a statement from Volaris, “A passenger reacted violently when she was informed that she had to finalize the purchase of her flight. Apparently, the lady had tried to make the payment with several credit cards without success, which caused our fraud prevention system to issue a security alert”.

In China, it is flight CA1524 fromAir China between Shanghai-Hongqiao and the airport of Beijing-Capital which suffered severe turbulence on July 10: less than an hour before landing; the Airbus A330-300 of the national company suffered according to a passenger a sharp and sudden fall. Then there was another violent fall, which threw a passenger and cabin crew member into the air, helping the passengers to regain their seats. “. The flight landed about twenty minutes late, the passenger and the Cabin Crew Member being taken to the hospital.

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