Vinci Airports: attendance at its airports continues to increase in July

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THE passenger traffic airports managed by Vinci Airports continued to increase in July by 21.3% compared to last year.

It thus achieves 96.4% of its pre-pandemic level of 2019. But the situations remain contrasting depending on the geographical areas : very dynamic in Portugal, Serbia, Mexico and Central America; down slightly in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile and the United States; and a more pronounced decline in France and Japan (Kansai and Osaka), indicated Vinci Airports, the leading private airport operator with 65 airports in the world.

Excluding Asian airports, the French operator’s passenger traffic exceeds its pre-health crisis level. In the 12 French airports (Lyon, Nantes, Toulon, Clermont-Ferrand, Rennes, Annecy, Grenoble, etc.) operated by Vinci Airports, traffic over the first six months of the year reached only 82% of the 2019 level. At London Gatwick Airport, it increased to 83% of 2019 levels, with 18.5 million passengers during the January to June period.

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