Vietnam: wearing a mask is again compulsory

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We had almost ended up forgetting its existence, at least in Vietnam where it had been very discreet in recent months… And now it reminds us of its good memories!…

“It” is of course the covid virus, which since the beginning of the month has reappeared in Vietnam, in a form that is certainly contagious, but undoubtedly not very virulent… The Hanoi health department revealed on Monday 17 April, having detected, among the covid test samples, the presence of the BB.1.9.1 variant, a variant of Omicron known to be highly contagious

Return of masks in some places

Hanoi’s new Covid-19 outbreak means people using public transport and working in supermarkets, cinemas and bars must wear masks, authorities have demanded.

In an ordinance late Tuesday, the city’s people’s committee said everyone on public transport vehicles, including passengers, drivers and other staff, must wear a mask.

The same goes for people coming into direct contact with customers in supermarkets, wholesale markets and malls, he said.

Service personnel, managers and workers in enclosed spaces such as bars, nightclubs, karaoke and massage parlors, beauty salons, gyms, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, circuses and gyms are required to wear masks at all times.

Masks are also mandatory for service staff, managers and attendees of cultural and tourist facilities and other places where crowded events take place.

The administration asked relevant agencies to remain vigilant and monitor the epidemic situation to make timely and proactive plans, including for vaccination, strengthen monitoring of safety measures in businesses and other establishments, schools , borders and health facilities.

Hanoi has recorded the highest number of cases in the country over the past five days with 96 per day on average. A total of 566 people were hospitalized, including 29 requiring oxygen assistance.

Nguyen Thanh Ha, deputy director of the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases, said his facility was treating 146 patients, mostly elderly people and others with underlying conditions, including 21 serious cases.

The hospital is the main Covid treatment facility in the north.

It admitted 20 patients in January and February and 45 in March.

The numbers rose to 47 in the first week of April and 85 in the second.

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