Vietnam: Bamboo Airways in restructuring, threatened by pilot departures

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Some pilots left Bamboo Airwaysa Vietnamese company in full restructuringover the last two months due to late payment of their salaries.

Around 30 foreign pilots left the company during this period, or more than 10% of the total pilot workforce, according to the agency Reuters, citing sources familiar with the matter. Bamboo Airways, Vietnam’s third largest airline with a 17% market share, said it had undertaken a drastic restructuring of its route network, fleet and human resources. She recorded losses of 17.6 trillion dong ($722 million) last year, according to the Hanoi government.

Bamboo Airways recently reduced the number of its pilots to achieve this goal“, she clarified, denying that late payment of salaries was the cause of the departures of foreign pilots. Many staff members have regularly faced delays in salary payments, but this had not, until recently, affected the foreign pilots who make up the vast majority of the Vietnamese airline’s crew.

In a separate statement to Reuters, Bamboo Airways said it will restructure its aircraft fleet from October to increase efficiency and optimize operating costs. “The restructuring process aims to stabilize Bamboo Airways’ operations and pursue growth opportunities“, adding that it also aims to “increase uniformity of aircraft types in the long term“, without giving further details.

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