Vietnam: a tourist visit that turns to tragedy

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Those who have traveled to Vietnam will surely tell you that Ha Long Bay is a must see at least once in a lifetime. It was once a marvelous site, but in recent years many skyscrapers have been erected on the coast. So, it is better to look towards the sea rather than towards the bay. In addition, the site is very popular with groups of tourists from mainland China.

Ha Long Bay: a marvel of nature

Halong Bay is one of the most incredible natural wonders. Just over a three-hour drive from Hanoi, Halong Bay is located in northeast Vietnam, on the shores of the Gulf of Tonkin.

The bay is overlooked by more than 1600 karsts and islets that emerge from the waters sometimes reaching 100 meters high, and sheltering many caves. Its scenic beauty, archaeological and geological significance, cultural and historical ties, fresh seafood and proximity to international accesses make Halong Bay one of the most popular places in Vietnam.

Its beauty is such that in 1994 UNESCO recognized the heart of Halong Bay as part of the natural world heritage.

In principle, tourists choose the cruise

A junk cruise on Ha Long Bay is a must on a trip to North Vietnam. Operators offer a range of different cruises. Some agencies present cruises departing from Hon Gai or Tuan Chau. The first is a veritable tourist factory. On the other hand, Tu Long Bay is much less crowded than Halong Bay.

Other tourists choose the helicopter flight

Ha Long Bay can be explored both from water and from the air. There is at least one company that offers this type of excursion. Unfortunately, the last flight ended badly.

The helicopter crashed

A tourist helicopter has crashed over the famous Halong Bay. The death toll rose to four, “VnExpress” newspaper reported, citing rescue workers. A woman is still missing. The crash happened Wednesday evening. Contact with the helicopter was lost nearly 20 minutes after takeoff, authorities said. Shortly after, he fell into the water. About 300 rescue workers were deployed on Thursday to search for the last missing person.

Four Vietnamese tourists and the pilot were in the Bell 505 helicopter. They went to admire the bay from the air, with its emerald waters and thousands of limestone islands emerging from it.

The cause of the crash was unclear

Rescuers were still looking for the black box. The Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company, which owns the helicopter, offers scenic flights of 10 to 30 minutes over Ha Long Bay for prices ranging from 90 to 270 euros. The helicopter, which was regularly used for sightseeing flights, was purchased by the company in 2019. Helicopter sightseeing flights were initially suspended nationwide after the crash, the aviation authority said.

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