Video: Brussels Airlines launches a new campaign for the African market

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Brussels Airlines launches a new campaign for African markethighlighting students who take a flight to study abroad.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the largest market for the Belgian airline, which currently has 18 sub-Saharan destinations in its international network. Building on a very long tradition of flying to Africa, the Belgian subsidiary of Lufthansa Group has an extensive local network in its African markets which allows it to personalize the experience for these markets. For example, in several cities it has its own ticketing offices. In Kinshasa (DRC Congo), for example, it also offers passengers the opportunity to check-in their luggage in the city center office.

The videos which have just been launched by Brussels Airlines embody its commitment to the African continent. Discover Ophélia and Lionel, two Beninese people who are going to France for the first time for their studies. Ophélia will study law and economics, and Lionel will study in Bordeaux, thanks to an excellence scholarship from the Beninese government, which rewards each year the ten best students in the national ranking. Both are preparing to experience the trip of their lives.

The stories behind these destinations show that aviation is more than just getting people from point A to point B“, underlines Brussels Airlines.

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