Very good Corsican results this summer for Volotea

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The Spanish low-cost airline offered a total of nearly 450,000 seats from June to August between France and Corsica, with a occupancy rate of 95%.

Very nice Corsican summer for Volotea. The Spanish low-cost airline offered this summer (from June to August) nearly 450,000 seats (+16% compared to 2019) between France and the Isle of Beauty through more than 2,700 flights. Volotea recorded a 95% occupancy rate on these flights over the period. Volotea operates flights from and to the cities of Ajaccio, Bastia, Figari and Calvi to many provincial cities such as Bordeaux, Brest, Caen, Lille, Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Strasbourg and Toulouse and plans to soon open a base on the ‘island.

Four island destinations

In Ajaccio, Volotea offered more than 177,000 seats this summer with an occupancy rate of 96% across the nine destinations it offers (Bordeaux, Brest, Caen, Lille, Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Strasbourg and Toulouse). Since the start of 2023, Volotea has offered more than 337,000 seats to and from Ajaccio and has transported a total of 2.9 million passengers on its lines since 2012. In Bastia, a total of nearly 128,000 seats were offered, with an average occupancy rate of 95% to the same nine French provincial towns. The city has benefited from more than 258,000 seats since the start of the year and since 2012, Volotea has transported more than 2 million passengers there. In Figari, Volotea offered more than 122,000 seats this summer, with a occupancy rate of 95% of the eight offered (the same as Ajaccio and Bastia, except Montpellier). Since the start of the year, Volotea has offered a total of 237,000 seats there and since 2014 has transported a total of nearly 1.3 million passengers. Finally, in Calvi, Volotea offered Calvi a total of 21,000 seats with a occupancy rate of 91% to three French destinations (Bordeaux, Lille, Nantes). Present since 2014 in Calvi, Volotea has already transported more than 77,000 passengers there.

A next base open on the Isle of Beauty?

Volotea is now thinking of opening a base for its planes on the Isle of Beauty. “We are delighted with the good performance of our summer activity in Corsica and I thank the Volotea teams for their commitment and their sense of customer service. These results demonstrate our commitment to the social and economic growth of the island, and our desire to play a role in the creation of local jobs. We have considerably improved the connectivity of Corsica, through 29 routes, including 16 exclusive, by offering quality service and good operational performance. Our candidacy for the DSP is a new step in our commitment to Corsica. We offer an offer that is both competitive and attractive, which will allow us to meet the needs of islanders,” explains Carlos Muñoz, CEO and founder of Volotea.

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