Ural Airlines continues its plan to re-fly its Airbus A320 stuck in a field

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Ural Airlines plans to fly theAirbus A320 who made an emergency landing in a field in the Novosibirsk region, Russia on September 12.

Although it might still take several monthsUral Airlines has indicated that it plans to fly its A320 stuck in an isolated field after its emergency landing (with 161 passengers and 9 crew members) in the Novosibirsk region, Russia on September 12. According to reports, the airline has made tests on the turbojets turbofan aircraft and determined that they did not require further overhaul, maintenance or repair. Ural reports that the engine section has been “cleared of soil and straw, which was confirmed by repeated inspections”.

Ensuring engine performance might be one of the easiest tasks. A complete examination of the airframe and landing gear must also ensure that not only have they escaped excessive damage during the emergency landing, but also that they will be up to the stresses and complications not conventional agreements linked to lift-off on an unsuitable surface that is difficult to improve. The airline is currently working on introducing lifting equipment to raise the fuselage for further testing and evaluation of the landing gear. “The plan also includes dismantling seats to lighten the plane,” Ural said.

There is speculation that the airline may wait several months until colder weather freezes the ground for additional support for the planned takeoff. Work is reportedly underway to provide a temporary storage shelter for the aircraft in the meantime.

On September 26, 2023, Rosaviatsia gave more details on the circumstances of this perilous landing. The Russian agency reported that during final approach to Omsk, while extending the landing gear, a green hydraulic failure occurred, prompting the crew to initiate a go-around. The landing gear lever was placed in the up position, but the landing gear did not retract according to FDR data. The failure to retract the gear, however, was not noticed by the crew. While waiting near Omsk, the crew calculated the landing distance and fuel needed to divert toalternate airportfollowed by the decision to divert towards Novosibirsk. While en route to Novosibirsk, the crew detected increased fuel consumption and a lack of fuel to reach Novosibirsk. So he selected a landing site from the air and landed in a field with 216 liters of fuel remaining. The breakdown of hydraulic system is due to a ruptured hose in the right main landing gear door control line.

Ural Airlines A320 seen on September 17, 2023 (AVHerald)

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