UNWTO survey: what are the 10 least visited destinations in the world?

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The World Tourism Organization has drawn up a list of the least visited countries in the world with less than 5 thousand visitors per year. Which, consequently, are also the least contaminated… So here is this unusual classification to help people discover destinations where, in all likelihood, they have never been.

Among the ten least visited destinations per year, Guinea-Bissau occupies tenth place, with 52,000 tourists per year. The Comoros follow, with 45 thousand visitors, in ninth place. Sao Tome and Principe (eighth place) welcomes 34,900 visitors per year, while the Solomon Islands, seventh, welcome 29 thousand. The Caribbean island of Montserrat stops with 19,300 tourists and arrives in sixth position, preceded by Micronesia, with 18,000 (fifth place). In fourth position is Kiribati, an island located between Australia and Hawaii, with only 12,000 visitors per year.

The podium is made up of Niue, an island in the South Pacific, limited to 10,000 visitors. In second place are the 29 atolls of the Marshall Islands, with only 6,100 tourists per year. And in first position, with only 3,700 arrivals every 12 months, Tuvalu, a thousand kilometers north of the Fiji Islands, is the country that wins the title of least visited in the world.


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