Unusual trips to Spain: discover the country differently

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Spain, with its lively cities, sunny beaches, rich history and cultural offer is a popular tourist destination for French travellers. However, the country is full of unusual destinations offering unique experiences and new adventures.

Here are some examples :

Direction the north of Spain, to Comillas, in Cantabria where Gaudí built a “whim”: the house of Máxime Diaz Quijano, a Spanish settler who returned rich from America (“indiano” in Spanish). It is a pure example of Art Nouveau, with its facade covered in colored ceramic tiles and its organic forms inspired by nature. Other “indianos” had beautiful homes built in Cantabria and especially in Colombres in Asturias.

The Spanish islands are a popular destination for holidaymakers, but discovering the history and civilizations of the islands are also unique experiences: hikes on the northeast coast of Mallorca to discover the 16th century coastal defense towers, the Exploration of the ruins of the Talayotic civilization of Menorca passing through the Risco Caído in Gran Canaria, an archaeological site which dates from the time of the troglodytes.

It contains 21 caves with cave paintings, linked to the cult of fertility, as well as religious and magical beliefs.

Finally, Spain has several deserts, including the impressive Tabernas Desert in Almería: this semi-arid desert is famous for its landscapes and amazing rock formations that have been the setting for many western movies. Another notable site in this region is the Geode of Pulpí, a huge crystal cavity that is considered the largest geode in Europe and a wonder of nature.

A must for nature lovers, the Bardenas desert located 70 km from the French border. This desert of ocher soil and eroded rock formations offers breathtaking views and is home to unique flora and fauna.

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