Unknown Croatia, outside Dubrovnik and the beaten track…

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The World Tourism Organization has ranked Slunj in the list of 54 best tourist villages in the world. Here is a list of off-the-beaten-track Croatian destinations to discover:

  • Slunj (Lika-Karlovac)

The UNWTO highlighted the uniqueness of this village where small households, waterfalls and thatched-roof mills stand like the setting of a fairy tale. It is an unmissable village which stands out for its actions aimed at preserving its heritage and acts for sustainable and inclusive tourism for locals. More information

  • Kumrovec (Central Croatia)

Less than an hour’s drive from Zagreb, it is possible to discover the typical village of Kumrovec where Josip Broz Tito was born in 1892. A museum dedicated to the marshal has been installed in his birthplace. In this village full of history there is also an ethno-village with preserved rural houses retracing the way of life of the peasants of this region between the 19th and 20th centuries. More information

  • Čigoč (Central Croatia)

In the region of Central Croatia, in the heart of the Lonjsko polje nature park, there is the first European stork village. There are more white storks than inhabitants and the latter preserve nature and traditions in the ethno-museum where traditional tools from the 19th and 20th centuries are exhibited. More information

  • Karanac (Slavonia)

Karanac is an authentic village located a few kilometers from Osijek and the Kopački rit nature park renowned for its rich gastronomic and tourist offer. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, this village invites you to discover picturesque places, ancient Pannonian houses and traditional dishes cooked over a wood fire. More information

  • Dol (island of Brač)

On the island of Brač, head to the ethno-village of Dol which has retained the typical appearance of a Dalmatian village and perfectly combines preserved nature and human creativity for perfect coexistence with the environment. On the history side, the small church of Saint Pierre has the oldest bell on the island. More information

  • Podhumlje (island of Vis)

The island of Vis extends over 90 km², it is a preserved wonder where the sweetness of life reigns. Between the main town of Vis and the fishing village of Komiaa lies Podhumlje. From this village, it is possible to access one of the smallest bays on the island, Pritišćina, where the crystal blue sea and sand-colored pebbles mingle. More information

  • Pitve (island of Hvar)

Pitve is the oldest village on the island and is located at the entrance to the Vratnik Gorge. During the emigration of residents after the Second World War, Pitve managed to preserve the centuries-old architecture of a typical Dalmatian village with narrow cobbled streets. By climbing up towards the church of Saint Jacob, built in 1877, you can enjoy a panoramic view and, thanks to a hike to Gornje Pitve, it is possible to observe Jelsa, the island of Brač, and even the Makarska Riviera on the mainland. More information

  • Brela (Split-Dalmatia)

The Dalmatian town of Brela is located under the steep slopes of the majestic Biokovo mountain. Brela is divided into two localities, one on the coast offering heavenly swimming spots and the other, “Gornje Brela” (High Brela) is home to the ancient picturesque village located in the Biokovo Nature Park area. More information

  • Hum (Istria)

Between charming villages and not far from the Učka nature park, Hum is the smallest town in the world listed in the Guinness World Records with only 20 inhabitants. According to legend, Hum was created when giants were building cities in central Istria, and they eventually built Hum from the remaining stones. Central Istria is an extremely picturesque region full of local crafts, award-winning olive oil and numerous vineyards. More information

  • Motovun (Istria)

About thirty kilometers away, we find the village of Motovun. Fortified by the Venetians and reaching a height of 277 m, Motovun offers a magnificent view of the vineyards and is a stopover of interest for wine lovers who can easily discover Croatian wines. More information


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