United States: new unit for the future air combat program NGAD

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As part of the development program for its future combat and aerial dominance capabilities, the United States Air Force has announced the creation of a new test unit which will work on the integration of its sixth generation aircraft within the American forces.

The American air combat program of the future and its 6th generation fighter

Last May, the US Department of the Air Force announced that the US Air Force will choose the manufacturer of its 6th generation fighter in 2024. The development of this fighter is part of another program , broader, which aims to develop American capabilities for air dominance in the future. Named NGAD (Next Generation Air Dominance), the current planning of the American army calls for 200 sixth generation fighters, as well as 300 fifth generation F-35 fighters to be equipped each with two collaborative combat drones directed by artificial intelligence. With the possibility of an operator in the loop, his accompanying drones; also called Collaborative Combat Aircraft (or “loyal wingman”), from the name of the program which implements their development, will therefore number 1000 in view of the current forecasts of the American Air Force (USAF).

Currently, many efforts are being made to set up a fighter aircraft, accompanying drones and, more broadly, an entire combat cloud, expected to be operational during the 2030s. United States as the conflict in Ukraine struggles to resolve.

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