United Airlines forced to suspend all flights

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Following a major computer outage, United Airlines is forced to suspend all its flights this Tuesday, September 5. Any takeoff is now prohibited.

FAA issues series of alert bulletins

United Airlines can no longer take off its planes this Tuesday, September 5 following a series of malfunctions which disrupt the safety of its flights. Aircraft in flight are not affected, only aircraft which had to ensure their flight plan, indicates the airline in two lines on its website. These malfunctions gave rise to various alert bulletins from the FAA.

More normal contacts between crews and flight dispatchers

One of the bulletins issued by the FAA concerns the fact that United Airlines crews are no longer able to contact flight dispatchers through traditional information and exchange channels. A computer failure is believed to be the cause of these various malfunctions which occurred in the afternoon, US time, on Tuesday, September 5.

Recurring computer failures

The activities of American airlines have for some time been disrupted by recurring computer failures which seriously disrupt their activities.

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