Ukraine: Russia regroups 100,000 soldiers and 900 tanks in the northeast of the front

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While Ukrainian troops have been trying since June to find a breach in the Russian defense system to carry out their counter-offensive, Russia has recently amassed an impressive number of troops in the northeast of the front in order to sign a resounding victory. and stop Ukrainian initiatives.

The north-eastern front: from the counter-offensive of September 2022…

Engaged since the beginning of June in the first phase of its counter-offensive, the Ukrainian army has not yet found the breach that could allow it to make a significant breakthrough and therefore achieve the hoped-for territorial gains. Although NATO countries reaffirmed their support for Kiev at the Vilnius summit, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AUF) are facing the reality on the ground, on a fiercely contested front line, where the area of territories recovered from the hands of Russian troops is minimal.

Three front zones are currently the scene of fierce clashes between the two armies:

  • Southeastern Front: In Zaporizhia and Kherson Oblasts
  • Center-East Front: the fighting is concentrated in the region of the city of Bakhmout (Donetsk Oblast) around which the Ukrainian troops have succeeded in gaining ground.
  • North-East Front: around the towns of Lyman (north of Donetsk Oblast) and Kupyansk (north of the front, in Kharkiv Oblast).

In this last region, in September 2022, the Ukrainian troops had achieved a great success by clearing the Kharkiv area and pushing the reconquest of the territory as far as Kupyansk. If the first counter-offensive was a real setback for Russia and its armies, Moscow now seems determined to strike a blow in this same region.

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