Ukraine: France announces the long-awaited delivery of SCALP missiles

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The President of the Republic announced that France will supply the Ukrainian forces with SCALP long-range cruise missiles from the manufacturer MBDA.

The NATO summit announcement

On the sidelines of the first day of the NATO summit in Vilnius (Lithuania) notably devoted to Kiev’s fight against the invasion of Moscow, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron declared that Paris would send long-range cruise missiles SCALP- EG of the manufacturer MBDA in Ukraine. The President of the Republic thus declared “We have decided to deliver new missiles allowing deep strikes to Ukraine” before affirming “I think that today what is important for us is to send a message of support to Ukraine, of NATO unity”. In his declaration, the French President specified that this delivery of arms would remain “within the coherence and clarity of our doctrine (the French doctrine), that is to say, to enable Ukraine to defend its territory”. The missile can, indeed, reach targets in Russian territory, but the position of the countries which support Ukraine in the conflict is extremely strict in this matter: the weapons delivered must in no case be used to strike Russian territory.

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