Ukraine chooses a French assault rifle to equip its armed forces

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In financial difficulty just a few months ago, the Verney-Carron company, through its defense branch, concluded an agreement worth 36 million euros with Ukraine. During 2024, the weapons manufacturer will deliver 10,000 assault rifles, 2,000 precision rifles and 400 grenade launchers to the Ukrainian army.

If Verney-Carron did not hit the mark with the General Directorate of Armaments with its VCD-15 assault rifle, the manufacturer was able to charm the Ukrainian officials. On November 6, the Saint-Etienne firm formalized the sale of 10,000 VCD-15s, 2,000 VCD-10 precision rifles and some 400 LP40 Le Matru grenade launchers to the Ukrainian public company Ukrspetsexport. A big hit for the French company, which pocketed 36 million euros after going through financial difficulties. Verney-Carron was unable to apply during the call for tenders launched in 2014 by the DGA aimed at replacing the French army’s assault rifles. The German Heckler & Koch and its HK-416 had obtained the favors of the French government in 2016, for a contract estimated at 300 to 400 million euros.

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