UK to Consider Buying Israeli Missiles to Replace Storm Shadows Delivered to Ukraine

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Following the visit to Israel of a group of Royal Air Force officers and technicians from Defense Equipment and Support, the media The National News indicates that the United Kingdom would consider the purchase of Israeli Rampage missiles to replace, on its Typhoon fighters, the Storm Shadow missiles delivered to Ukraine.

Visit of Royal Air Forces officers to Israel

With the supply of Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine, the UK has given Kiev extensive fire capability and heavy hitting power. This aid nevertheless had the effect of reducing stocks of the missile produced by MBDA, which is still in service with the British army. The question of replenishing these stocks now arises for London. On this subject, the media The National News indicates that a group made up of officers of the Royal Air Force and technicians of Defense Equipment and Support recently went to Israel.

The purpose of this visit would have been the examination of Israeli Rampage air-to-surface missiles as a potential alternative for the replacement of the Storm Shadow delivered. A source reportedly told The National News that “The RAF contingent recently traveled to Israel to examine the Rampage and were impressed”. She clarifies that they are “planning to mount it on their Typhoon fighters in order to give them greater firepower”. In addition, the Rampage represents a low cost option for the Storm Shadow while remaining a quality ammunition.

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