UK tests its ETA

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While Europe has still not implemented its ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) as planned; the United Kingdom is already testing it for several countries. It must be recognized that these formalities are penalizing for tourism, especially since They are not free.

Generalization in 2025

UK inaugurates new electronic travel authorization system for visa-free foreigners, plans to fully digitalize entry by 2025

The UK ETA is already in force for citizens of Qatar, to which Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates will be added in February 2024, and will subsequently be extended to other nationalities.

How it works ?

This is a system quite similar to the American ESTA. It apparently allows visitors to be screened before their arrival. The traveler must send their basic personal data, passport and certain security information via a dedicated site. If the ETA is accepted, he will receive an authorization, which will be valid for two years and for multiple journeys throughout the United Kingdom.

The whole of Europe will be subject to this formality. In principle, the European ETA should be ready in 2025 too!

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