Turkey is the hottest

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Southern Europe recently broke its all-time records with scorching heat and it may not be over. The hottest temperature since records began was measured in Turkey.

Almost 50°!

In Eskisehir, central Turkey, the temperature reached 49.5 degrees Celsius last week. It was warmer than the previous record in July 2021, Environment Minister Mehmet Özhaseki wrote on Twitter or X. At that time, 49.1 degrees were recorded in southeastern Turkey. Systematic temperature measurements have existed in Türkiye for about 100 years.

The weather service has warned that the heat wave will continue

Temperatures of up to eleven degrees above the usual values ​​for this time of year are expected. The main cause of the heat is climate change, said meteorologist Baris Önol of Istanbul Technical University. Although the El Niño weather phenomenon also causes high temperatures, heat waves have generally become more frequent and last longer.

“In the simulations, Turkey will be much more exposed to this heat in 30 to 40 years.”

This could also have an impact on tourism in the Mediterranean region. From 2040, the main season is expected to move to September and October.

Minister Özhaseki recalled that Turkey’s objective is to be carbon neutral by 2053. The country is currently still heavily dependent on fossil fuels. According to official figures, in 2022, 34.6% of electricity was produced from coal and 22.2% from natural gas. Hydro accounted for 10.8%, wind and solar around 11 and 5% respectively

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