Tunisia: the famous Bardo museum finally reopened

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This reopening marks a major turning point in the history of the Tunisian Bardo Museum. After a two-year hiatus, visitors can finally rediscover the richness and beauty of the mosaics on display, which make this museum one of the most important in the world in this field.

During these two years of interruption, the museum underwent major renovation and modernization work. The exhibition halls have been redesigned to provide an immersive experience for visitors, showcasing every detail of the exceptional mosaics on display.

The mosaics exhibited at the Bardo Museum are a precious testimony to Tunisian history and culture.

Famous mosaics from the Bardo Museum

A total restoration of the museum

Bardo Museum director Fatma Ayet Iygil said the “maintenance and restoration of historical collections and monuments” within the museum had been completed.

Fatma Ayet Iygil stressed that the restoration efforts also included the museum building itself. She stressed that visitors are attracted to the Bardo Museum not only for its archaeological collections but also for its Andalusian and Italian Mediterranean architectural character.

Bardo Museum

Reopening on September 14

The Tunisian Ministry of Culture announced that the Bardo Museum has been welcoming visitors again since September 14.

Founded in 1888, the museum, which houses numerous Roman mosaics dating from the 2nd century BC, attracts tourists and specialists alike. Located in the Bardo district of Tunis, the museum faced a tragic extremist attack in 2015, resulting in the deaths of more than 20 tourists and security personnel.

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