Tunisia: a welcome change in the requirements for identity documents

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Many were concerned about conflicting information about Tunisia’s entry rules for French nationals. The issue of identity papers in France has become a national scandal with the impossibility of having a national identity card or a passport within a reasonable time.

The tourist office made a point today.

The Tunisian tourist office officially communicates that

· The Tunisian authorities have restored the option of traveling to Tunisia with a national identity card accompanied by a travel diary, for all French travellers.

· The traveler with a CNI and a voucher will be admitted via all the airports of the country, including that of Tunis-Carthage.

· All other recently announced measures have been canceled (cf. group of 5 pax, minimum stay of 6 nights, etc.).

· The French traveler will therefore be able to travel to Tunisia under the same conditions that have been in place for several decades.

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