TUI France: Christophe Fuss gives us a very positive assessment of 2023

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The motto is transparent: “We are in working order to become profitable and sustain this over time” declared Christophe Fuss, general manager of TUI France. The tone was set for a positive and dynamic speech. Moreover, before starting the speech, we were informed that Club Marmara is the first partner of the men’s professional volleyball league in France…that immediately packs a punch!

TUI agency

TUI France must find its profitability

No turnover figures have been communicated; however, Christophe Fuss transparently indicates that TUI France must move towards this objective. We understand it. The Marmara, Lookéa (clubs) and Nouvelles Frontières (tours) brands recorded passenger growth of around 5% over the summer season. “We are having a great year, with a 5% increase in customer volume and 30% new customers. Reassuring news for the TO: 62% of our sales are generated by TUI distribution via agent agencies, the website, groups. We will also know that the tour operator is targeting 360,000 customers in 2024.

What about price increases?

Christophe Fuss does not hide the fact that prices have increased (between 7 and 12%). However, he specifies that the offer is based on 80% block seats and charters. This would represent more than 290,000 seats. These commitments should reassure customers because air transport is pursuing a policy of high prices.

TUI puts quality of service at the heart of its activity

Quality of service: less than 2% of complaints

TUI France claims to be an organization hyper connected to its audiences

• Systematic approaches to listening to customers and co-

construction :

– Nouvelles Frontières x Opinion Way brochure study: 80 clients


– Nouvelles Frontières x CSA prospective study: 200 AGVs and 1000 customers surveyed

– Post tests campaigns e.g.: 450 20 Minutes readers, 400

French via TF1…

• Feedback of daily BtoB and BtoC signals, via:

– Social networks: community of 2 million people

– Customer services

– Field feedback from sales forces, teams

destination, seminars…

– Satisfaction questionnaires…

Sustainable commitment

The TUI group takes its commitment very seriously, in particular with the TUI Care Foundation. The various subsidiaries in Europe have grouped around this plan.

TUI Care Foundation implements more than 30 projects in 4 areas: promoting the education of young people, supporting communities, preserving and restoring landscapes, protecting the marine environment.

TUI – best brand 2023

TUI France: 2nd best travel brand in 2023

Capital magazine has carried out a ranking of the best brands of 2023. TUI agencies were ranked in second position. The network includes nearly 190 franchised agencies which represent 62% of TUI France’s overall sales.

TUI Travel Agency

TUI wants to position itself as a service brand, particularly in France!

Marmara club entertainment

Marmara, Lookéa: four new clubs

For the upcoming season, the TO is strengthening its club offering with two new Marmara clubs in France in La Plagne (snow offer) and in Egypt in Hurghada (100 rooms). Christophe Lavail, Director of Club Products and TUI Sélection, explains: “We are very proud of the return of Marmara to Egypt. It was a historic destination for Marmara, where the brand achieved high volumes at the time. We hope that everything goes well, unfortunately, the events in Israel will surely have an impact on sales.

Entertainment Club Lookea

Lookea (12 clubs) offers two new addresses in the Sultanate of Oman (Club Lookéa Sultanat – 70 rooms) and Cuba (Club Lookéa Sol Caribe Beach).

Please note: TUI France has been training animation professionals for 10 years with the Klaxon Rouge school. There are 700 dedicated club leaders working all year round, 90% of whom are trained by TUI.

New borders

The Nouvelles Frontières brand must find its positioning

New Borders displays 18 new features including two new destinations: New Zealand and the Seychelles.

Products that can be found in the completely renewed circuit brochure: less text, more visuals, and QR Codes… We will have to see if the customer will take the step of scanning to find themselves on the corresponding page.

It would be great to find this magical brand that Jacques Maillot brought to life in his time.

TUI app

A mobile application should be released by the end of the year in which the customer will be able to find their file as well as all the points of interest of their stay.

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