Trend: 50% of German tourists will travel alone in 2023

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More and more people are choosing to leave their friends or family at home on their next vacation. According to a recent OnePoll survey for Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), more than half (54%) of all Germans plan to travel alone this year, and around a fifth (19%) have already booked their trip solo. For information, NCL offers solo cruises

And not just singles

It is not only single people (35%) who are opting for this, but increasingly also people in stable relationships. Almost three-quarters (74%) of all people in a relationship and 70% of all married people are interested in traveling solo. More men (58%) than women (52%) plan to travel alone this year.

A real motivation

Missing travel companions (4%) are rarely the cause; rather, it is their own intrinsic motivations that play a more important role for respondents. The majority say freedom (37%), gaining their own experiences (31%), discovering themselves (30%), trying something new (30%), strengthening their own self-confidence (29%) and discovering new places (29%). ) are decisive factors for solo vacations.

New experiences

“Travel is a fantastic way to gain new experiences and expand your horizons beyond the familiar. I want to encourage everyone to prioritize their dream vacation this year and make the most of their precious free time, whether alone or in company,” says Kevin Bubolz. , Managing Director Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa at NCL.

Very diverse destinations

Solo travelers will be very open in 2023 when it comes to choosing their preferred destination: nearly half (46%) would like to travel to Europe and cite short travel times (64%), safety (54% ) and costs (46%) as reasons for this decision. A fifth of those who travel alone (21%), on the other hand, prefer international destinations such as the United States (26%), Australia (20%), New Zealand (19%) or Thailand ( 16%). When it comes to choosing a vacation region, men traveling alone (29%) are more open to an international vacation experience, while women (49%) tend to prefer European destinations.

Cruises remain popular

Cruises are among the 5 most popular means of transport. 53% of respondents said they plan to take a cruise in the next three years and 12% have already booked a cruise they want to take on their own. Cruises are more popular with women (56%) than men (51%). In particular, women value the ability to visit several places during a trip (53%), a unique vacation experience (35%) and good value for money (25%) as benefits of a cruise.

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