Travelsoft-Orchestra: a new shareholder to accelerate growth

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Travelsoft welcomes Capza as a minority shareholder. This additional resource will help strengthen the consolidation of a group of services. The boss, Christian Sabbagh, still owns more than 70% of the group.

Technological innovations and company buyouts

Christian Sabbagh said Capza’s investment will enable Travelsoft to accelerate its technological innovations and continue its expansion momentum.

“With Capza on board, we are ready to accelerate our growth, acquire more companies and realize our strategic vision,” said Christian Sabbagh. “Travelsoft remains committed to driving innovation in the travel technology sector, delivering cutting-edge solutions that strengthen the industry and improve consumers’ travel experiences. »

Christian Sabbagh, boss of Travelsoft

300 tour operators in 40 countries

Travelsoft is established in more than 300 tour operators in 40 countries with 600 suppliers, mainly in America and Europe.

acquisition of Traffics by Travelsoft

The group acquired Spanish B2B booking engine provider Travel Compositor in March and German customer-focused consultancy Traffics in 2022. The two companies together with the French platform Orchestra form the Travelsoft Group.

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