Travel agencies face employee challenges

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Apart from the pressure exerted by the suppliers, to pay the rents, to improve the reception of the customers. Travel agencies must have quality employees. We must first keep them and attract talent when the agency progresses. In 2023, the challenges are many for these agencies.

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Attract talent

Gone are the days of candidates jostling at company doors. Today, it’s up to them to seduce them!

They must :

  • Stand out thanks to its corporate culture;
  • Attract candidates to it by communicating on its employer brand
  • Recruit using innovative methods;
  • Offer benefits.

Consumer needs are changing

If many travelers still come to travel agencies, it is necessary to stand out from online agencies. The agency must be perfectly equipped technologically. The staff must provide good advice on the products. Training is key. There are training trips, meetings organized by suppliers and the famous remote conferences (Zoom).

The fair remuneration

In the tourism sector, and particularly in travel agencies, there has been a tendency to lower wages. We have done everything to attract candidates through the free trips they will be able to benefit from. Staff want fair compensation. Salary just is of course a function of the role played by the employee within the company. This salary is judged according to the skills, abilities or initiative of the candidate. It remains to be seen whether the employee and his family can live decently.

The aim is to improve the training of professionals, to retain talents who are already working, and to adapt to the new needs of consumers. One could also add the revaluation of wages. Under the pretext of beautiful study trips, there is a tendency to pay employees less.

Wages have changed in 2022

The median salary for jobs travel agency in France East €34,800 per year or € 19.12 per hour. Entry-level positions start with a surrounding salary €24,807 per year, while the most experienced workers earn up to €84,962 per year.

Will salaries be reviewed again in 2023 in view of inflation? The union (EDV) and the networks must work on it. Passion is great, but making a living from your job is even better.

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