Training of Ukrainian pilots: the first Dutch F-16s arrived at the training center in Romania

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At the end of October, the Dutch Prime Minister promised rapid delivery of the first Dutch F-16s to the Ukrainian pilot training center in Romania. It is now done because on November 7, several Dutch F-16s took off from Charleroi (Belgium) to go to Romania.

An announcement

On October 30, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelinsky in a video call. In addition to announcing the next delivery of MIM-104 Patriot patrol boats and anti-aircraft systems, he gave important information regarding the delivery of F-16 combat aircraft:

“(…) I expect Patriot systems to be delivered soon to assist Ukraine over the coming winter. The same speed applies to F-16s. The first ones will be shipped to the training center in Romania in the next two weeks, so that they are prepared for further training. (…)”

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