Tourism: what to do and visit in the Baltic countries

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The Baltic countries –Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania-brimming with charm, history and natural beauty. Here are six must-see destinations to visit in this region:

Vilnius, Lithuania: The Lithuanian capital is full of charm with its baroque churches, cobbled streets and UNESCO-listed old town. Don’t miss the nearby Gediminas Tower and Trakai Castle.

Riga, Latvia: The largest city in the Baltics, Riga, is renowned for its remarkable Art Nouveau architecture. Explore the Old Town, visit Riga Cathedral and stroll through the Art Nouveau district to admire its characteristic buildings.

Tallinn, Estonia: Tallinn’s Old Town is a medieval gem, with its towers, ramparts and cobbled streets. Climb Toompea Hill for panoramic views and explore historic churches like the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Lahemaa National Park, Estonia: This park offers unspoiled nature with forests, marshes, rocky coasts and picturesque coastal villages. It is an ideal place for hiking and discovering the local flora and fauna.

Palanga, Lithuania: This seaside resort is famous for its sandy beach, its pontoon on the Baltic Sea and its botanical gardens. In summer it is a lively place with festivals and events.

Gauja National Park, Latvia: Explore this national park to discover landscapes of green valleys, caves and medieval castles. Hike, bike, or canoe to enjoy nature.

These destinations offer a captivating insight into the culture, history and nature of the Baltics, each with its own character and treasures to discover.

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