Tourism: Top 10 unusual experiences preferred by the French, according to easyJet

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In an investigation conducted by the British low cost easyJetat the end of August, in collaboration with tourism experts, 89% of those questioned said they were looking for travel offers. experiential travel and 95% want to get out of their comfort zone and live from new experiences during their vacation.

At the top of the first concerns of French travelers, the search for sun and good weather (47%), adventure (46%) and the discovery of new cultural experiences (45%). Trends that confirm travelers’ desire to get off the beaten track and their interest in experiential tourism.

We are always on the lookout for new trends and what customers expect from their trips to expand our short-haul network to serve the destinations vacationers want to visit. Our goal is to make travel easier for as many people as possible and to offer them the opportunity to live unique travel experiences. “, comments Antonio Shabbir, director of customer experience at easyJet.

1.Visit the Spanish far west in Almeria (Spain): in the heart of the Andalusian desert of Tabernas experience the daily life of cowboys during the conquest of the West.

2. Go bobsleigh in Prague (Czech Republic): In the Prague district of Prosek, experience a bobsleigh adventure on a one-kilometer summer track, at a speed of up to 62 km/h.

3.Taste the Giant Omelette of Bessières, near Toulouse (France): A tradition celebrated at Easter which requires more than 1,500 eggs to prepare an omelette to feed 2,000 people.

4.Mykonos (Greece): Get lost in a medieval village on the island of Syros, overlooking the Aegean Sea, an ancient Venetian colony, once a fortress town made of winding streets and whitewashed houses.

5.Visit an ossuary in Prague (Czech Republic): Visit the Sedlec ossuary in Kutna Hora near Prague, a chapel more than 1000 years old, decorated with human bones.

6.Admire a fireworks battle in Athens (Greece): Attend Rouketopolemos, a traditional local event held every year at Easter in the town of Vrontados on the Greek island of Chios, during which two rival churches make each other opposite are firing tens of thousands of homemade fireworks with the aim of hitting the bell tower of the other church.

7. Visit Poland’s most famous cat – Krakow (Poland): An audience with The King of Kaszubska Street, a free-roaming cat named Gacek, very popular on social media and become Poland’s top-rated tourist attraction the medieval town of Szczecin.

8.A cheese race in Bristol (United Kingdom): Participate in the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake, an annual event which takes place in May on Cooper’s Hill in Brockworth near Cheltenham and Gloucester: competitors continue a wheel of cheese on a steep slope to catch it. The winner gets to keep the cheese.

9.Visit the David Hasselhoff Museum in Berlin (Germany): Visit the David Hasselhoff Museum, a sanctuary dedicated to The Off, known for having played the main roles in the series K2000 and Baywatch.

10. Attend an unusual race in Rovaniemi (Finland) Attend the race, known as the “woman’s carry”, a Finnish sport whose championship is held in Sonkajärvi every year and whose goal for each couple is to run on a course of approximately 250 m and overcome obstacles.

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