Tourism: the large islands to visit in the Atlantic Ocean

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L’Atlantic Ocean offers a multitude of fascinating islands, each with its unique charm. Here are the large, unmissable islands to discover in this vast expanse of water.

The Azores, Portugal: Lost in the middle of the Atlantic, these nine volcanic islands offer breathtaking landscapes, from lagoons to green mountains.

Madeira, Portugal: Known as the “floating garden,” this Atlantic island is a nature lover’s paradise, with its lush gardens and spectacular mountains.

The Canary Islands, Spain: This sunny archipelago is renowned for its golden beaches, majestic volcanoes and mild year-round climate.

Bermuda: Famous for its mystery and crystal clear waters, these British Isles are a paradise for divers and maritime history buffs.

The Faroe Islands, Denmark: A dramatic and wild landscape characterizes these islands of volcanic origin, offering spectacular fjords and imposing cliffs.

The Falklands, United Kingdom: Located in the southern Atlantic, these islands are home to exceptional wildlife, including penguins and sea lions.

The Bahamas: A dream archipelago, famous for its fine sand beaches, turquoise waters and spectacular coral reefs.

The Magdalen Islands, Canada: Nestled in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, these islands offer secluded beaches, sand dunes and breathtaking red cliffs.

The Cape Verde Islands: Between Africa and South America, this archipelago offers vibrant culture, black sand beaches and breathtaking desert landscapes.

Each of these Atlantic islands has its own personality and offers a unique experience, whether for nature lovers, history buffs or travelers looking for relaxation. Choosing from this list will depend on your personal preferences, but each promises an unforgettable adventure.

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