Tourism: the Japanese Embassy warns against “robberies” between Roissy and Paris

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I’Japanese embassy warns its nationals of the many thefts at the door on the A1 motorway which connects theRoissy-CDG airport in Parisof which the victims are asian tourists For years.

In a message sent on July 12 to the Japanese that the site obtained Fdesouchethe Embassy unambiguously explains: “If you are staying in France or planning to travel to France, please pay attention to the following points and be careful not to be a victim of theft“. And to detail:
-Do not place handbags on your lap or on the seat.
-If you have no choice but to bring your luggage into the car, cover it with your foot or cover it with a cloth so that it is not visible from the outside, or put put them in the trunk.
-Do not wear luxury brand items as much as possible.
-When your car slows down or stops in traffic, pay attention to your surroundings, especially behind you.
-If traffic jams force you to stop, avoid the rightmost lane and move to the center or left lane whenever possible.
-In the case of a private car, apply a shatterproof film to the windows to prevent the glass from breaking.

In addition to the robberies mentioned above, various crimes (pickpocketing, pickpockets, etc.) are frequent in France, and many Japanese are also victims.“, sums up the email from the Japanese Embassy.

Attacks on tourists perceived as wealthy, in this case Chinese and Middle Easterners from the Gulf, remain frequent on the A1 motorway linking the Parisian airports Le Bourget and Roissy-CDG to Paris intramural. The modus operandi is always the same: while the cars are slowing down, individuals on foot or on scooters place themselves at the level of the taxi, break one of the side windows before seizing the objects located within easy reach in the passenger compartment. .

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