Tourism: the essential stops to see along Route 66

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Route 66, true legend of America, offers a journey through the history and culture of the country. Here are ten must-see stops along this iconic stretch.

  1. Chicago, IL : Traditional starting point of Route 66, the Windy City offers an immersion in urban energy and cultural diversity.

  2. St. Louis, Mo. : The Gateway Arch, emblem of the city, sits majestically on the banks of the Mississippi, offering a spectacular view.

  3. Oklahoma City, OK : This city is full of museums highlighting the history of the Wild West and the Native people.

  4. Amarillo, TX : Here, the Cadillac Ranch is a unique art installation where old cars are planted in the ground, becoming canvases for graffiti artists.

  5. Sante Fe, New Mexico : This Hispanic city is a treasure trove of adobe architecture and visual arts, offering an immersion in Southwestern culture.

  6. Grand Canyon, Arizona : Although a bit of a detour, it is an unforgettable stop to discover one of the most breathtaking natural sites in the world.

  7. Las Vegas, Nevada : The city of games and lights offers a striking contrast with the other quieter stages of the route.

  8. Flagstaff, Arizona : A picturesque town near the Grand Canyon and located on the legendary Route 66.

  9. Oatman Road, Arizona : A winding section reminiscent of the golden era of Route 66 and where you can even meet wild donkeys.

  10. Los Angeles, California : The traditional end point, the City of Angels offers a multitude of attractions ranging from Hollywood to Venice Beach.

Each stop on Route 66 reveals a unique facet of American history and culture, whether through the evolution of cities, varied landscapes or vestiges of the past. The choice of stops depends on individual preferences, but each stop promises an authentic and memorable experience. Whether you are a lover of history, breathtaking landscapes or urban excitement, the “Mother Road” leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of travelers.

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