Tourism: the 5 most impressive volcanoes to see

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Volcanoes, through their majesty and raw force, embody the power of nature. Here are five of them to contemplate at least once in a lifetime:

  1. Mount St. Helens (United States): This iconic volcano in Washington State erupted in 1980, devastating the region. Today, its horseshoe-shaped crater is a living lesson in regeneration.

  2. Mount Fuji (Japan): A national icon and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mount Fuji dominates the Tokyo skyline. Its snow-capped summit offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscapes.

  3. Vesuvius (Italy): Famous for its fearsome eruption in the year 79, which buried Pompeii and Herculaneum, Vesuvius is a silent witness to ancient history. Its crater offers a striking perspective on the Bay of Naples.

  4. The Cotopaxi (Ecuador): Nestled in the Andes, this active volcano is one of the highest in the world. Its perfectly formed cone and dazzling glaciers create a breathtaking landscape.

  5. Piton de la Fournaise (Reunion, France): This active volcano located in the Indian Ocean offers spectacular eruptions which regularly redefine the contours of the island. Its wild and preserved environment is a testimony to the power of the Earth.

These natural wonders are a reminder of the incredible diversity of our planet and the need to preserve it for future generations. Each of these volcanoes offers a unique experience, combining fascination, respect and humility in the face of the grandeur of nature.

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