Tourism: the 5 largest waterfalls in the world

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The majestic and imposing waterfalls offer natural spectacles of breathtaking beauty. Here are the five largest in the world:

  1. Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil – Nestled on the border between Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu Falls is one of the most iconic natural treasures on the planet. They extend over nearly 2.7 km and plunge into an impressive crash more than 80 meters high.

  2. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe/Zambia – Known locally as “Mosi-oa-Tunya” (“the smoke that roars”), Victoria Falls forms a curtain of water almost 1.7 km wide and drops more than 100 meters, creating a cloud of splashes visible for miles around.

  3. Niagara Falls, Canada/United States – Undoubtedly the most famous in the world, Niagara Falls impress with their colossal flow. Separating the United States and Canada, they extend over approximately 1.2 km and drop more than 50 meters, generating incredible power.

  4. Angel Falls, Venezuela – Located in Canaima National Park, these spectacular falls are the highest in the world, falling from a dizzying height of over 979 meters. Their width reaches about 150 meters.

  5. Tugela Falls, South Africa – In the KwaZulu-Natal region, these falls drop almost 948 meters in the Royal Natal National Park. Although they are not as wide as others, their height makes them the second tallest waterfalls on the globe.

These falls, with their natural beauty and impressive strength, continue to fascinate and inspire millions of visitors each year. They illustrate the power and splendor of nature, reminding humanity of the need to preserve these wonders for future generations.

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