Tourism: the 10 most welcoming European capitals, according to Visaguide

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The travel specialist publishes a ranking listing the capitals of Europe where you feel best as foreign tourist.

To obtain this ranking, the pollsters questioned nearly 1,200 travelers from 32 different countries to understand what matters most to tourists when traveling in Europe. According to the latter, security, the financial aspect, good restaurants and museums, but also friendliness and mastery of English contribute to the level of reception of the destination.

By combining these different criteria, the European city that surpasses all the others is amsterdam. The good command of English of the Dutch as well as the many centers of interest of the capital of the Netherlands ensure that tourists will not be bored, from the Anne Frank house to the Rijksmuseum or the Rembrandt museum, passing through the red light district and the “coffee shopfor the sale of cannabis.

In this ranking, Paris ranks 8th. “Paris is safer than anywhere else, although Parisians are grumpy to everyone“, comments And to add:Parisians know English, although they can choose to answer in French, and at the end of the day, they are always friendlier than Germans“.

The top 10 most welcoming European capitals:
1. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
2. Rome (Italy)
3. Zagreb (Croatia)
4. London (UK)
5. Lisbon (Portugal)
6. Madrid (Spain)
7. Prague (Czech Republic)
8. Paris (France)
9. Berlin (Germany)
10. Vienna (Austria)

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