Tourism: the 10 most popular destinations for the French in 2024, according to

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In 2024, the call of distant horizons will resonate with the Frenchencouraging them to explore countries in the four corners of the globe, in search of new adventures and unforgettable discoveries, according to the annual study of on travel forecasts in 2024

. The 10 destinations
the most popular among French people surveyed by the hotel reservation site:
-Tokyo, Japan
-Ubud, Indonesia
-Bangkok, Thailand
-Marrakech, Morocco
-Agadir, Morocco
-Edinburgh, United Kingdom
-London, United Kingdom
-Montreal, Canada
-Vienna, Austria

-München, Germany

More than three-quarters (76%) of French people surveyed reveal that they feel more alive than ever when they are on vacation and 66% of them want to be more like the person they are when they return home. them. A desire to travel, therefore, but also a need to be close to water for 75% of French travelers and a stated interest in a sober lifestyle during their vacation for more than half (53%).
The seven profiles of French travelers
-Enthusiastic (alter) egos or reinventing a life on vacation: more than one in two French travelers (55%) appreciate the anonymity of travel and the possibility of creating a new story.
-Water addicts looking for a source of freshness: almost half (48%) say climate change will impact the way they plan their vacations in 2024.
-Adventurers looking for abandon and surprise: half of them (50%) want to book a surprise trip where everything, even the destination, remains secret until arrival.
-Gastronomic explorers or taking the taste buds on a journey: almost two thirds (60%) are in fact more interested in learning about the origins of a destination’s emblematic dishes than they were before.
-Introspectives or travel in the service of their well-being: half of travelers (53%) expressed an interest in a sober lifestyle, where self-sufficiency is the key word.
-VIPs or the life of a star during a trip: almost half (43%) of travelers want to receive information and advice from AI during their vacation in order to improve their experiences.

-Aesthetes attentive to the intersection of beauty and sustainability: almost half of travelers (45%) are looking for accommodation that stands out for its innovation in sustainable development.(*

) Study carried out by Travel Predictions 2024, commissioned by, and conducted among a sample of 1011 French adults who plan to travel for business or leisure over the next 12 to 24 months.

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