Tourism: monuments to see in Washington

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Washingtonthe capital of the United States, is full of emblematic monuments not to be missed during your visit.

The first must-see is the Capitol, seat of Congress, majestic with its emblematic dome. Next to it stands the Library of Congress, an architectural marvel housing an impressive collection of rare books.

Not far away, the Washington Monument stands proudly, offering a breathtaking view of the city from its summit. At its feet, the National Mall, a vast green esplanade, is lined with memorials dedicated to great men such as Lincoln, Jefferson and Martin Luther King.

The National Air and Space Museum fascinates aviation and astronomy enthusiasts with its impressive collection of aircraft and space artifacts. As for the Vietnam War Memorial, it moves you with its sobriety and its commemorative power.

Don’t miss the imposing and emotional World War II Memorial, as well as the Korean War Memorial, which honors veterans of that conflict.

Finally, the White House, the official residence of the president, is an indisputable symbol of American political power.

Each of these monuments in Washington tells a part of the history of the United States and offers a unique experience, blending culture, history and architectural grandeur in the heart of this iconic city.

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